23 June 2009

Bat in my belfry

I was packing for tomorrow's morning trip, when I got hit on the head by a nut!
I looked up and there was this little fellow.

Seeing how I had the camera all set up, I took a few photos of it. But not too many because the flash is not good for bat eyes. It's a fruit bat I think, so it probably uses its eyes to find food. It's not true that bats are blind.

I kind of knew there was a bat in the house when I started stumbling over these nuts on the floor.
I'm not too sure what they are, but they do look like palm fruits with the rind chewed off. The fruit looks quite big compared to the little bat.
Perhaps from the palm tree growing outside the house?

Well, Bat seems comfy and was soon all settled up for a snooze.
I wonder what I should call it?


  1. you have a pet bat!!!!!! :D
    battie? fruitti... nutti haha
    ok i am not good with names :P
    he looks really cute though
    i wonder what would u find next in your house
    a civet perhaps? :D

  2. I'm bad with names too! Well, he/she's not really a pet. I guess I'm just sharing the house with the bat. As well as thousands of spiders and all kinds of other critters I have yet to observe. Alas, the only cats that live in the house are the regular kind.



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