10 May 2009

Sexy mangroves on the Hantu wall

Today I checked out the other side of the seawall of Pulau Hantu and found more mangroves growing there!Though the trees here were not as well grown as those I explored on an earlier trip to Pulau Hantu. And there was one particularly intriguing mangrove tree.
It was growing close to the high water mark. The only mangrove trees behind it was a small Bruguiera cylindrica.
It looks like a Bruguiera gymnorrhiza. But with pale calyx even though it was growing fully exposed to the sun. Further long the seawall was a Bruguiera gymnorrhiza with bright red calyx. There was one developing propagule. But alas, no open flowers. Hmm, could this be Bruguiera sexangula? I'm a rarey mangrove dork.

Also on this seawall near the high shore were Rhizophora mucronata, Rhizophora stylosa and Bruguiera cylindrica. I didn't go further down the wall. On the shore itself above the high water mark was a nicely growing Guettarda speciosa.


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