11 April 2009

Lim Chu Kang special: Hoya diversifolia

Pretty pink 'hello-kitty' flowers studded the mangrove mud.
Wow! The hoyas must be blooming!

(The photo is the result of gathering together the tiny fallen flowers. They didn't actually appear on the mud like this.)

I looked up, and saw the plants on the trees around us!There were lots of these vines, climbing up the tall trees. And they were full of flowering bunches.

I believe these are Hoya diversifolia, which is listed as 'Critically Endangered' in the Red List of threatened plants of Singapore. It's my first time seeing this plant!
Also called the Wax plant, these climbers have tough succulent leaves and beautiful wax-like flowers that appear in clusters. According to Hsuan keng, this beautiful climber used to "densely cover trees' in Jurong, Chua Chu Kang, Kranji and Serangoon.

Read more about our hoyas in "Heavenly Hoyas: An introduction to the species of Singapore and Malaysia" by Leong Lup San, with the fabulous photos or K. F. Yap in Nature Watch Vol 9 No 4 Oct-Dec 01.

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