23 December 2008

Is more reclamation in Singapore possible?

This undated map from Encyclopedia of Coastal Science by Maurice L. Schwartz on google books, hint at the possible locations of future reclamation of our shores, indicated by dotted lines.Besides the three-part Long Island opposite the East Coast, there are also dotted lines around these areas:

For our Northern shores, there are dotted lines at Pulau Ubin on the western tip, and the eastern tip (where Chek Jawa is). The outline of the eastern Ubin reclamation seems similar to the reclamation planned on Chek Jawa that was eventually deferred. Also reclamation at Pulau Tekong, already ongoing.
A massive area is enclosed by dotted lines at eastern Changi, that appears to extend all the way to the Changi Ferry Terminal. Dotted lines also enclose a large area at Pasir Ris.

In the South, there are dotted lines around Midway Reefs (submerged reefs between Sentosa and Lazarus-Kusu Island, joining the already buried Kias-Seringat submerged reefs and Pulau Tekukor. There's also dotted lines around the Sisters Islands and on the Selegie submerged reef.
A little further to the South, dotted lines encircle Pulau Semakau and Pulau Sakeng, which have since already been affected by reclamation to create our Semakau Landfill. There are also dotted lines enclosing Pulau Hantu with Pulau Bukom and Pulau Busing. As well as dotted lines from the submerged reefs off Pulau Hantu.
Dotted lines also extend off Pasir Panjang Wharves, although there are no indications of the current reclamation off Labrador for the extension of the Wharves. And there are dotted lines around Jurong as well as at Tuas. But no dotted lines involving Cyrene Reef.

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