23 December 2008

First signs of 'Long Island' reclamation off the East Coast?

Vessels are now prohibited from anchoring in a large area opposite the East Coast.
Other MPA notices usually state the kind of work to be done in the area and give contact details of the parties in charge of the work. But this notice had no further details.

Is the this first sign of the massive construction of a 'long island' opposite the East Coast?

[Afternote: Apparently not a prelude to reclamation. As duration of closure is short (I missed the dates in the earlier post. Apologies for the oversight.) Still, it was an opportunity to look into long-term plans for the area.]

According to Land reclamation in Singapore on thinkquest: among the large scale reclamation projects expected in the future is "a long island off the east coast and the length of which will stretch from near Marina East to Changi for waterfront housing and recreational development and roads". (The other major reclamation project highlighted is "Pulau Tekong and Pulau Ubin for housing and some industrial development when Singapores population exceeds four million", which will affect Chek Jawa).
This map from Encyclopedia of Coastal Science by Maurice L. Schwartz on google books, shows the past and future reclamation projects in Singapore. Among the future reclamation projects is a long island opposite the east coast, made up of three parts. The part closest to the Marina Barrage looks very similar to the 'no-anchor' area delineated in the recent MPA notice.

Prohibition of Vessels Anchoring at the Eastern Part of Singapore
From Port Marine Notice No. 216 of 2008 dd 22 Dec 08
1. In exercise of the powers conferred under Section 43 (c) of the MARITIME AND PORT AUTHORITY OF SINGAPORE ACT (CHAPTER 170A), the Port Master, hereby prohibits all vessels, unless authorized by the Port Master from entering, anchoring, mooring, transiting or being in the area as stated in paragraph 2.

2. The area referred to in this Notice is in the attached plan:

3. The dates and times during which the Prohibited Area will be brought into effect are as follows:
10 Jan 09 1000 hours – 1800 hours
11 Jan 09 1000 hours – 1800 hours
18 Jan 09 1000 hours – 1800 hours

Here's a closer look at the areas affected.Is more reclamation in Singapore possible? Here's a look at some possibilities.

Yes indeed, the area marked out is for the Volvo Race!

From "Sailors get set for tomorrow's big event" on Straits Times 9 Jan 09;


  1. Looking at the dates, this might be for in-port racing for Volvo Ocean Race on Jan. 10, and start of the next leg of the race on Jan. 18?

  2. Thanks for highlighting that!

  3. Parliament would have to approve any reclamation of any part of the seabed exceeding 8 hectares or, if the whole of that part of the seabed is within port limits, 4 hectares, and that would get reported in the Official Parliamentary Reports. Maybe I can check and let you know. How would you describe the location of the works?

  4. That is very true!

    If I recall correctly, in the past when I looked up the Gazette for such announcements, the locations are not stated in a way that is easy to understand. Refers to Mukim and such and requires going down to look at maps in some office, rather than Long/Lat that translates easily onto Google Earth.

    You're the best person to help advice and find out about these things. Thank you!

  5. It's for the Volvo Ocean Race. Take it from an insider. Nothing to do with reclamation, although it is an interesting thought no doubt!

  6. www.map.gov.sg also shows mukim numbers, so it's not always necessary to visit an office for the info.

  7. I didn't know that there was an online map for mukim numbers. That's very useful to know. Thank you!

    Good to know the closure is for the Volvo Race!

    I've certainly learnt a lot from the comments to this post. Thanks everyone.

  8. Alas, I checked up on finding out Mukim online and it's not straightforward. Catching Gazette notices of reclamation and shore developments is also tough.

    I've done a post on this.

    Any advice? Will always be appreciated. Thank you!



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