19 November 2008

Reclamation at Pulau Tekong extended to May 09

These massive works are just opposite Chek Jawa, indicated by the Chek Jawa front beacon in the diagram below. The reclamation has been ongoing for some years, and will continue until May next year.
This is a photo of the Chek Jawa front beacon from the Chek Jawa boardwalk. It's the structure with the triangle at the top.
And a wider view of this.
Reclamation at Pulau Tekong
from Port Marine Notice No. 199 of 2008 dated 18 Nov 08
This is a revision of Port Marine Notice No. 92 of 2008. The working period has been extended.

With effect from 29 Nov 08 to 28 May 09, 24 hours daily including Sundays and Public Holidays, off Pulau Tekong, within a working area in attached plan.
Reclamation works at Pulau Tekong will involve dredging, construction of revetment, soil investigation and soil improvement works. Soil improvement works will entail sand piling and deep cement mixing. Trailer-suction-hopper dredgers (TSHD) will be used for transporting and pumping sand into the working area. Safety boats will be deployed in the vicinity to warn other craft of the operations in the area. Further general enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Mr. R Kamata, the construction manager, at Tel: 9624 8603, email: ryuji_kamata@tjput.com.sg.

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