16 November 2008

More shore works for the Sentosa IR

Staging for the Sentosa IR extends to the shores. The natural shore here is our Original underwater world! Teeming with corals and other marine life.
Temporary Staging Ground at Sentosa
from Port Marine Notice NO. 196 of 2008 dated 14 Nov 08
With effect from 18 Nov 08 to 17 May 09, at Cruise Bay (see plan attached):
Project work will entail the transportation of excavated earth by tugs and barges. A safety boat will be deployed in the vicinity to warn other craft to keep clear of operation site. Further enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Mr David Ching, the project manager, at Tel: 9186 1366, email: david.ching@kajima.com.sg
Why is a staging area needed?
Resorts World Sentosa said logistics of creating just one of the theme park's attractions - Revenge of the Mummy - will require 150-200 container loads of material, equipment and paraphernalia. And this requires space for 'container parking' and 'staging'.

Resorts World had not reckoned on needing this much space.

The original plan was to manage the staging within the Universal Studios' site, but because the park and other properties had to be at least mostly ready by March 2010, this was not possible. The west end of the resort thus came to be where the theme park attractions were laid out and assembled.
For more, see delay in construction of Sentosa IR marine aquarium?

What natural shores were found at this site?

Before reclamation works started on this shore, amazing marine life seen included hard corals, seagrasses and a tiny 'Nemo' in its anemone home.More about this on the wildsingapore page about the reclamation at Sentosa.

Led by an inspiring teacher, a group of students also did some field work on this shore under the banner of Biophilia.More on the lekowala! blog with stories about how it came about, how they too found Nemo there, some thoughts about the programme and the final field trip under the programme.

This shore is also part of the free Sentosa guided walks conducted by the Naked Hermit Crabs.Check out their blog for upcoming walks on Sentosa.

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  1. I could never understand why developments cannot be worked around such sites and why the richness of such natural heritage could never be appreciated by developers. Its disappointing. I have come across many people who, in their DNA to be efficient, refuse to understand and be mindful about the importance of natural heritage. Dreading the day when I go to the site again and have to look at those shores. Humans are a greedy lot and can't see sustainable development as a viable option. Adrian Loo



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