16 November 2008

How is the Labrador Nature Reserve shore doing?

Massive reclamation at Pasir Panjang Container Terminals have been going on for some time. The area is right next to Labrador Nature Reserve's shores.We took a closer look yesterday.

Just off the jetty on Labrador shore, there are massive structures and and long line of floating barges and assorted heavy industry vessels.A closer look at the humungous 'M' shaped structure.And next to it, lots of heavy earth-moving vehicles and gigantic piles of sand.
Here's an even closer look with humans for scale.Beyond this massive worksite, a long line of vessels.There is a very short line of floats (orange line). On one side of the orange floats, large floating industrial installations.
Something with two pairs of tall towers and a crane.And something which looks very heavy duty. I have no idea what these are.Further behind the thing with the two pairs of towers, were more heavy duty equipment.
And more large cranes.On the other side of the orange floats, and facing Labrador shore, there's a huge dredger.
It was busy at work filling up a barge.With one full barge being taken away by a boat.

Further away, is a long line of vessels.Some seem to be floating platforms with smaller cranes.
There were at least four of these floating platforms.
Strung out in a line.
There is certainly a lot impacting on Labrador's natural shores.Thus it was especially heart breaking to see that a large concrete slab STILL remains on Labrador nearly a year after the issue was first raised and the project team told to remove the slabs.Special effort is being made to encourage the public to avoid disturbing the 'coral restoration works' along the main aisle. Yet, the concrete slab remains along this main aisle.

Labrador Nature Reserve is just opposite Sentosa.Here's a view of Sentosa's natural shore from the Labrador Promenade. We decided to head out to Sentosa to check out the shore there.
Meanwhile, a last sad look at the beleaguered Labrador shore.

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