11 September 2008

Marine construction works at Sultan Shoal

More works on another offshore island. I've never been to this island, but it sure looks nice.
Alas, four months of construction are scheduled on this tiny island. And here's some factoids about Sultan Shoal.

Marine construction works at Sultan Shoal Jetty
from Port Marine Notice No. 169 of 2008 dated 11 Sep 08
With effect from 15 Sep 2008 to 30 Jan 2009, at Sultan Shoal Lighthouse, within a working area in attached plan:
24 hours daily, including Sundays and Public Holidays.

The marine construction works will include the partial demolition of the existing structure, removal of debris, piling works and concrete works.

Flat top barges will be used for the transportation of materials and the crane barge and work barge will be deployed for the demolition, piling and concrete works. A safety boat will be deployed in the vicinity to warn other craft to keep clear of the working area.

For general enquiries, please contact Mr Vincent Mouille, the project director at Tel: 9662 5269, email: dimuth.piyachandra@macdow.com.au.
How to get there? Apparently very difficult.

Who gets to go there?
Apparently PSA staff as PSA has holiday chalets there.

What kind of shore is on the island? From the google map it looks like seawalls were built to create an artificial lagoon. There's some hint of an intertidal area outside the seawalls, but these are probably rather steep and will only be visible at the lowest spring tide.

What marine life is found there?
from the where to fish website (undated)
If Changi are the home of the barramundi then Sultan shoal would surely be the home of the big golden snappers. Many skippers, anglers spend many of their night hunting, tracking down these prized food fish and their fighting strength are highly respected by local anglers locally called "ang choh". These magnificient fish are consistently caught in these waters; they ranged from 2 kg to a whopping 10-kg! The best fishing areas would be done at the numerous wrecks off the lighthouse. In the day the buoys around the lighthouse can produce G.T.s, mackerels, queen fish and monster barracudas. For the "ang chohs" the only way to have a chance to land one of these prize fish is to use live squids. One night off the lighthouse can even produce some surprises like monster sharks, rays and even big groupers.
Some photos (mostly man-made structures and landscapes)
Other interesting facts


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