01 March 2015

Sharing with the Sustainability Mentorship Programme

A wonderful day spent with the Sustainability Mentorship Programme participants at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve! I was nervous to present the session on "Biodiversity, Nature and Conservation", so I really appreciated the the kind participation of all.
Thanks to the Reserve for the support, to the mentors and participants for a great sharing session followed by a little walk to discover the many fabulous creatures here.

Before we began our session, a bit of birdwatching and nature spotting!
It was so nice and breezy to begin our session at the new Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Extension. Thanks to the Reserve for supporting our Programme and participating as well to share the perspective of government on the issues.
After our very productive discussions, it was time for a quick nature walk. The great gallery at the Extension tells us so much about our mangroves. And we are so fortunate to have Sankar to share about Singapore's amazing snakes.
And Ruth spots a snake just as we started our walk!
It's the beautiful Paradise tree snake that can glide! Sankar explains more about how the snake easily achieves this remarkable feat.
The boardwalk at the Extension was lots of fun to explore!
There were a lot a lot of HUGE Golden orb web spiders everywhere! We also saw lots of Giant mudskippers, mangrove crabs and other critters!
Finally, we reach the Main Bridge at the Reserve. I was so relieved that we managed to spot a crocodile on our trip because Queenie really wanted to see one!
Thanks to a tip from an experienced guide, here's the croc in the water pretending to be a log next to a piece of dead wood!
We ended at the Main Hide. Thanks to everyone for making it such a fun learning experience!
Afterwards, the Work for Nature continues. We drop off Eugene for his meeting with the folks at the Frog Farm nearby. Eugene works hard to get many important green initiatives started. I love the friendly messages at the Farm.
I then rushed off to check the dead fish situation at Pasir Ris and was dismayed to see thousands of dead fishes washing up there.
There are too many issues and too few of us working on them. So it's very heartening to work with such a great team of participants at the Sustainability Mentorship Programme.

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  1. Awesome day with you guys that day. Sorry again if i was like running in and out of the group. Say hi when you guys come down to the Reserve again ... :)



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