27 September 2014

Draft Campaign Strategy on Marine Trash in Singapore by Green Future Solutions

Today, during the Naked Hermit Crab walk for families on the Chek Jawa boardwalk, I saw large trash on the high shore at Chek Jawa.
I am so glad Eugene Tay of Green Future Solutions has drawn up a Draft Campaign Strategy on Marine Trash in Singapore.
The Campaign Goal is to "Convince the government to appoint a lead agency (NEA or the new Municipal Services Office) to study the problem of marine trash and work with the relevant agencies to implement effective policies, programmes and infrastructure to reduce marine trash".

There was a big pile of trash near House No. 1. Looks like the result of some people doing coastal cleanup. Some of the stuff is very large: Sumita in the photo for scale.
Here's another look at the trash.
There was also a pile of oily containers near the Ubin Jetty.
Earlier this week, I saw sofas and large trash likely from fish farms on Pulau Ubin. Marine trash is a heart-breaking issues and it requires all of us to work together to push for real and permanent solutions.

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