03 April 2012

Marine fire fighting and rescue: SCDF takes over from MPA

A unit dedicated to fighting marine fires and undertaking sea rescues, the Civil Defence Marine Command, will be set up and "building up its capabilities and capacity gradually". It will be based at West Coast Pier and Pulau Brani.
Flaring at Shell refinery on Pulau Bukom
This is not a fire, it is flaring at Pulau Bukom refineries
seen from Semakau seagrass meadows, Feb 2010.

MPA News Release 1 Apr 12 and SCDF Press Release 1 Apr 12;

SCDF Takes Over Marine Fire Fighting Function From MPA

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has taken over the marine fire fighting and rescue functions from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) with effect from today, 1 April 2012.

SCDF and MPA have been working closely on the transfer of manpower and assets, including training of relevant SCDF personnel in the marine fire-fighting and rescue skills, to ensure a seamless transition. SCDF has also established a dedicated unit - Civil Defence Marine Command (CDMC) and will be building up its capabilities and capacity to enhance response to marine fire and rescue incidents gradually.

Home to one of the world's busiest ports, it is essential that the Port of Singapore is equipped with an efficient fire fighting and emergency response service. The transfer of the marine fire fighting function will pool Singapore's resources within one agency, hence enhancing the level and type of service rendered. The shipping, harbour craft and pleasure craft communities in Singapore have been informed of the transfer and we would like to assure the public that the services provided in the Port of Singapore will remain unaffected.

The CDMC commenced operations today from the West Coast Marine Fire Station located at the existing base at West Coast Pier. In addition, the CDMC will also be operating from an interim base at Pulau Brani until the permanent base and headquarters is built there.

Also this brief circular Port Marine Notice No. 25 of 2012 dated 1 Mar 2012 addressed to the Shipping, Harbour Craft and Pleasure Craft Communities.

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