02 April 2012

Drilling near St. John's reefs Apr-May 2012

Drilling will take place near some natural reefs on St. John's Island as part of soil investigation works.
A4 Poster: St John's Island
There are narrow stretches of good reefs in the work area. On our last trip there in Oct 2011, we saw Knobbly sea stars, Sundial snails and other amazing marine life.

Soil Investigation Works off St. John's Island
From Port Marine Notice No. 41 of 2012 dated 02 Apr 2012

With effect from 09 Apr 12 to 31 May 12. 0800 hours to 2000 hours daily including Sundays and Public Holidays. Off Cooper Channel and its vicinity (see attached chartlet).
Soil investigation works will be carried out by means of borehole drilling using jack-up barge. The jack-up barge, with tug boats in attendance, will have a circular safety working zone of 30 meters radius centered at the barge. Tugboats will be used for shifting the barge from one borehole location to another. The shifting of the barge will be carried out during daylight hours only. A safety boat will be deployed in the vicinity of the working area to warn other craft of the project work. Further enquires relating to the project can be directed to Mr John Chai, the project manager at Tel: 8223 2929(email: kse2000@singent.com.sg).

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