31 March 2011

A chance for you to visit Raffles Lighthouse!

Visit Raffles Lighthouse! Part of the Singapore Maritime Week celebrations, limited places are available!
Raffles Lighthouse
It appears, trips are planned daily from 11 to 15 Apr. How to get a chance to make the trip?

Be a fan of the Singapore Marine Week facebook page. Send an email to smw@mpa.gov.sg with your full name, NRIC/Passport Number, Facebook profile name, mobile number.
More about Singapore Maritime Week and the schedule of events.

Thanks to Andrew Hin of One-North Explorers for the alert.

Where is Raffles Lighthouse?
What can you see at Raffles Lighthouse?
The Lighthouse has one of our best reefs! But these are only visible at low spring tide, not necessarily during the Singapore Maritime Week trips.
A4 Poster: Raffles Lighthouse
Here's a post about my recent trip there, more about the history of Raffles Lighthouse and our other lighthouses, and more photos taken at Raffles Lighthouse.

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