14 March 2009

First morning trip of the year!

It's moon set and we're off!The cool morning makes the long walk quite pleasant, and wakes us up for the early low tide on Pulau Semakau.
A quick look behind for a rosy dawn over the lights of the Landfill, Pulau Bukom and in the distance, the city.We were on the shore with an intrepid group of young kids and their parents/guardians, for a photo shoot for the Semakau Book. We thought it be good to have as an option, young kids exploring the shores for the cover of the Book.The stars included the very photogenic Shonya and Elishya.And other young ladies included Rena and Cait Lin, both pretty in pink!We sure made them work very hard. Here's pro-photographer Eric and friend putting the young ladies through the paces in a seagrass setting.But we still got a chance to have a quick look around the shore.It was a hot hot day by the time we ended. With all the rushing around, we didn't really get to see the shores. But did come across lots of Knobbly sea stars, some special corals and Marcus saw another goby-shrimp pair. The kids were fascinated by the upside down jellyfish, and common sea stars as well as fiddler crabs and other charming creatures of Semakau.

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