16 November 2020

Sea turtles at Seringat-Kias lagoon

Today, three sea turtles were sighted by Alex Yip, our skipper of Summit Marine Systems, as he waited on the boat in Seringat-Kias lagoon while we were doing our survey on Seringat-Kias and Lazarus Island.
Sea turtle
He also managed to document the sightings and kindly shared them with us. Thank you Alex!

He also shared videos of the sightings!
Sea turtle

Sea turtle

Have you seen sea turtles in and around Singapore? Perhaps while on a stroll by the sea, or while boating, kayaking, fishing or diving? Share your sightings in this survey to help Dr Zeehan Jaafar and her team identify areas where sea turtles (alive, injured, or dead) are encountered. So that we can all better understand these magnificent creatures!

More about sea turtles in Singapore.

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