31 October 2019

Sea turtles, dolphins, sharks in Singapore waters (October 2019)

YES! Singapore got amazing marine life. The slew of sightings this month began with this awesome video of a sea turtle at Pulau Hantu on 13 Oct 2019. Thanks to TS Tan.
There was another sea turtle sighting at Labrador, while baby sea turtles hatched at the Sisters Islands Marine Park. Dolphins were sighted at West Coast and at Changi, and sharks were seen at the Sisters Islands Marine Park and at Pulau Jong! Here's more ...

Dolphins were seen at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (off West Coast Highway) on 19 Oct 2019, shared by various divers on the way out to dive our waters.

On 27 Oct 2019, the last batch of sea turtles hatched at the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park Turtle Hatchery.

On 28 Oct 2019, Chay Hoon saw a shark at the Sisters Island Marine Park.

On 28 Oct 2019, Joel Tay shared this sighting of a sea turtle off Labrador Jetty.

Shared on 31 Oct 2019 by Victor Toh, a bamboo shark seen during a dive survey of Pulau Jong

Mothership reported a sighting shared on 29 Oct of a pod of dolphins spotted near Changi Naval Base, with one doing a backflip

More about Singapore's wild dolphins and sea turtles and sharks on the wild fact sheets.

For more sightings of dolphins, sea turtles and other mega fauna in Singapore waters.

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