03 April 2019

Balloons - NOT worth celebrating!

Thanks to Rachel Mark and Cassandra Chai for highlighting the deadly impact of balloons on our marine life!
Infographic part 1
They share more about the harmful effects of balloons, some misconceptions and alternatives to balloons for your party and celebrations!

There's no such thing as a biodegradable balloon!
Infographic part 2
Some marine-friendly alternatives for your celebration!
Infographic part 3
Rachel and Cassandra (in blue) also helped out at Celebrating Singapore Shores Berlayar Creek! Thank you ladies!
16 Mar (Sat): Celebrating Singapore Shores at Berlayar Creek

For more, follow Not Worth Celebrating - Protect Marine Life, resources developed by Rachel Mark and Cassandra Chai as International Year of the Reef 2018 interns.

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