20 April 2018

Living seagrass meadows of Changi

Under the flight path of roaring planes from Changi, there are lush seagrass meadows.
Knobbly sea star (Protoreaster nodosus) at Changi
Studded with Knobbly sea stars and other amazing marine life! With dugong feeding trails too!

There were several medium sized Knobbly sea stars, many medium sized Biscuit sea stars, a few sand stars and even one large Eight-armed sea star. We didn't see any Common sea stars.
Here's a video clip of the sea stars I saw.
Sea stars on Changi
There were also many other colourful sea cucumbers: many Thorny sea cucumbers and Pink warty sea cucumbersOrange sea cucumbers and Purple sea cucumbers. There were many Ball sea cucumbers washed ashore and one Smooth sea cucumber. I saw many small White sea urchins and Black sea urchins. Also small swimming crabs and other crabs. There were a few Haddon's carpet anemones and one Swimming anemone. I noticed many small Window pane shells and many young Fan shell clams. I saw one live Spiral babylon snail and a few Hammer oysters.
Living seagrass meadows of Changi, Apr 2018
Some fellow visitors also found this Sundial snail. It was alive but encrusted, so probably not in the  best of health. We last saw many of them here during our survey in May 2017.
There were also some Hairy sea hares.
Hairy sea hare (Bursatella leachii)
A Carpet of Death menacingly slithers through the seagrass meadows hunting hapless prey. There was an explosion of these Olive flatworms this morning. Similar to what I observed on our last survey here in Dec 2017.
Olive flatworm (Tytthosoceros lizardensis)
There were dense growths of Needle seagrass and Spoon seagrass. I only saw a sprinkling of Fern seagrasses and could not find the patch of Smooth ribbon seagrass that I saw in Dec 2017.
Lush meadows of Spoon seagrass (Halophila ovalis) at Changi
I saw a few furrows that might be dugong feeding trails. We didn't see any dugong feeding trails during our Dec 2017 survey but did see some on our survey here in May 2017.
Dugong feeding trail in seagrass meadows, Changi Apr 2018
Sadly, still many large plastic bags on the low shore.
Trash on the low shore, Changi
This shore is cleaned daily. So this trash line is from last night's super high tide.
Trash on the high shore, Changi
I'm glad this shore seems to be okay. It is very accessible and tends to be impacted by visitors and people who harvest the shore.

More awesome finds and photos by the team!

Abel Yeo

Wong Yip Hong

Others on this trip: Carol Phillips, Kelvin Yong, Wong Yip Hong


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