04 February 2018

Soxy sea creatures: Worm edition

Time to make more DIY handmade 'plushie' mascots out of socks! As volunteers prep up for International Year of the Reef 2018 activities!
How to make plushie marine worms
Being nature people, we are a little picky about making these animals somewhat anatomically correct. Here's more tips on how to make worms.

Bristleworms are easily made out by sewing through cut-up pieces of bobbly wool. The cut up string conveniently becoming the bristles. A pair of bobbles makes the head. Glue on tiny styrofoam balls for eyes and dot with black marker!
How to make plushie stars polyps and bristleworms
Real bristleworms are made up of segments with bristles on their sides. Don't touch a bristleworms as some have bristles that can inject a painful toxin!
Reef bristleworm
A fanworm is actually a bristleworm which has a feathery crown on its head. It creates a tube to live in and is thus sometimes called a tubeworm too.
White spiral fanworm (Family Sabellidae)
Fanworms are fun to make! Just roll up some colourful sock, add colourful feathers on the top and eyes and you're done!
How to make plushie marine worms
Flatworms are really flat and often have frilly edges.
Halloween flatworm (Pseudobiceros sp.)
Flatworms are easily made from frilly edges of socks and other garments.
How to make plushie marine flatworms
Worms are often found on other animals. This banded bristleworm is often found at the mouth of a sea urchin!
White salmacis urchin (Salmacis sphaeroides) with Urchin-mouth worm (Oxydromus cf. angustifrons)
It's fun to make a 'corsage' of worms with other sea creatures such as sea fans.
How to make plushie marine worms
Find out more about the marine worms of Singapore on the wild fact sheets of wildsingapore.

Did you make a marine worm plushie? I would love it if you could share a photo of it!

This article is written for Celebrating Singapore Shores as part of International Year of the Reef 2018.

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