04 February 2018

Soxy sea creatures: Vertebrate edition

Time to make more DIY handmade 'plushie' mascots out of socks! As volunteers prep up for International Year of the Reef 2018 activities!
How to make plushie sea turtles
Being nature people, we are a little picky about making these animals somewhat anatomically correct. Here's more tips on how to make sea turtles, sea snakes and other marine vertebrates!

Singapore got wild sea turtles which are often sighted on our shores. Sea turtles are easy to make out of these cute socks with a heart shape. So we get 'Hearts' bill sea turtles! Cut out the shapes from the sock, using the heel for the head, and cut out the base from a firmer material to hold the shape of the sock when it gets stuffed. We get one nudibranch out of the remaining toe portion of the sock!
Here's more sea turtles and some snakes. Singapore has a variety of marine snakes and they are easy to make from long socks. Add a ribbon tongue for a lively touch.
How to make plushie snakes and sea turtles
Singapore got crocodiles too! Crocodiles can be cute!
How to make plushie crocodiles
The cute crocodile is made from a long sock cut in half along the length. Each half makes one crocodile. Using a textured cloth for the upperside of the crocodile. We stuff the tail with sheet stuffing so the tail is flat and not puffed up. But use ball stuffing for the rest of the crocodile. Little legs made from cut off bits. The head made from the toe of the sock.
Singapore also has a wide variety of marine fish. And even wild whales too.
How to make plushie fishes
Some fishes are really flat. Like stingrays and flatfishes (the photo includes a horseshoe crab, often mistaken for a stingray).
How to make plushie fishes
Here's the latest sightings of some mega fauna in Singapore waters.

Find out more on the wild fact sheets of wildsingapore.

Did you make a plushie marine vertebrate? I would love it if you could share a photo of it!

This article is written for Celebrating Singapore Shores as part of International Year of the Reef 2018.

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