19 November 2017

Singapore got sea turtles! Learn more at Rushan's talk on 24 Nov (Fri)

YES! Singapore got sea turtles! NParks shared about sea turtles laying and hatching on Singapore shores. Robert Tan shared this awesome video of this magnificent sea turtle at Pulau Hantu seen on 24 Sep 2017.

Want to learn more? Come for a special talk by Rushan Abdul Rahman "Sea Turtles 101 – All You Need to Know" on 24 Nov (Fri) at Nature Society (Singapore)!

Talk on "Sea Turtles 101 – All You Need to Know"
by Rushan Abdul Rahman
Date: 24 Nov (Fri)
Time: 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Venue: Nature Society (Singapore) office, 510 Geylang Road #02-05 The Sunflower, Singapore 389466

About the talk
Sea turtles have complicated biology, from the days of beach incubation as eggs to when they return to the same beach to nest. Scientists are making more discoveries each year about these charismatic marine animals. Join Rushan to learn about some of the new and exciting finds in the world of sea turtle biology.

About the speaker
Rushan Abdul Rahman is currently undertaking his honours year in Murdoch University, using airborne LiDAR-derived topographic maps to determine the importance of beach topography on nest site selection by flatback sea turtles. He has also been involved in hatchery management, captive-rear and release, and sea turtle nursing in the Maldives, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Here's some recent sea turtle happenings on our shores ...

NParks shared that 46 sea turtles hatched on 1 Nov at an unnamed Southern Island.

Rene Ong shares on the Sisters Islands Marine Park group about sea turtles there.

More from Rene Ong.

More from Rene Ong.

Follow up on the eggs laid at East Coast Park in August

This was also featured in the Straits Times.

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