24 November 2017

30 Nov (Thu): Talk on "Goby and Shrimp Symbioses: More Than Meets The Eye"

If you’ve ever seen a Snapping Shrimp and a Goby Fish together, you would think they have a REALLY special relationship. Gobies live in the burrows excavated by shrimps while keeping a “lookout” to their mutual home.
What is going on? Dr. Zeehan Jaafar shares more in this exciting FREE talk!

Update on 30 Nov: Venue changed to Going OM 63 Haji Lane, Singapore 189256

Symbiotic association between marine organisms is thought to be one of the driving factors for speciation, and is particularly prevalent in the Coral Triangle biodiversity hotspot. The talk will focus on an association that is mutually beneficial—between the Watchman Goby and the Snapping Shrimp. Turns out, their behavioural responses in these associations are more complex than what is currently known.

Singapore GOT these amazing animals! More about our shrimp goby and snapping shrimp partnership on wildsingapore.

The talk is FREE. More details on the facebook event post.

Date: 30 Nov (Thu)
Time: 8.30-9.30pm
Venue: Artistry, 17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore 199149
Changed to Going OM 63 Haji Lane, Singapore 189256
Dr Zeehan Jaafar is a marine biologist working on coastal systems in the Indo-Pacific. She recently rejoined the National University of Singapore after a 4-year postdoctoral stint at Smithsonian Institution. Her research interests centre on the evolution, ecology, and behaviour of fishes. One of her primary aims is to understand how and why fishes utilize atmospheric air. She is the author of two books, launched this year: ‘Fishes Out Of Water: Ecology and Biology of Mudskippers’ and 'Forested Wetlands of Sundaland: Ecology, Connectivity, Conservation’.

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