16 June 2017

Large fish traps in Singapore waters

An otter was found dead in a large fish trap on 14 Jun 2017 at Marina Reservoir.
Photo from Goverment Press Release, 16 Jun 17;
These traps are very commonly seen on Singapore shores, including shores where otters have been sighted.

Media Statement on illegal trapping in Kallang Basin (Marina Reservoir)
Government Press Release 16 Jun 17;

On 14 Jun (Wed) at about 11.40am, PUB’s cleaning contractor found a dead otter in a cage along the Marina Promenade in the Kallang Basin.

PUB immediately informed the Otter Working Group and the dead otter has been handed over to Wildlife Reserves Singapore for a post-mortem.

Investigations are ongoing.

On the same afternoon at about 5.30pm during their patrols, PUB reservoir staff caught a man setting up traps in the reservoir along the Marina Promenade. PUB will be taking enforcement action against him under the Public Utilities (Reservoirs, Catchment Areas and Waterway) Regulations 2006.

PUB reminds the public that it is an offence to trap any animal or do any act which causes injury to the fauna in any reservoir and any person caught doing so may be fined up to $3000.

Members of the public are also encouraged to call the PUB hotline at 1800-2255-782 (1800-CALL-PUB) should they spot any illegal acts at the reservoirs.

When reporting, it would be helpful to furnish the date, time and location, along with any photos and/or videos."

Here's some traps we have seen on Singapore shores

Fish trap seen on the Changi shore in May 2017 where the otter family and their babies were staying for a while last month.
Small fish trap on shore

Fish trap on Changi shore in Jan 2017, also near where otters have been seen.
Changi rocky shore after oil spill in Johor Strait, Jan 2017

Fish trap on Chek Jawa in Jun 2016
Fish trap

Fish trap at Pulau Sekudu in Oct 2015
Fish trap on Pulau Sekudu

Kayaker with fish trap at Pulau Ubin in Jan 2015
Laying fish traps from a kayak

Fisherman seeing 'washing' huge fish traps near Pulau Hantu in Apr 2017
Fisherman with huge fish traps off Pulau Hantu

Laying huge fish trap off Cyrene Reef in Aug 2015
Laying fish traps off Cyrene Reef

Several huge traps on Cyrene Reef in Jul 2010
Enormous fish traps seen on Cyrene Reef

Huge fish traps being constructed at Seletar village on stilts in Jan 2017
Fish traps at Seletar

More photos of fish traps on Singapore shores.

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