23 October 2016

Awesome October at Ubin

Spending lots of time at Pulau Ubin as I take a break from shore surveys (no good low spring tides this time of the year).
Ivan Kwan sharing during the free monthly walk at Chek Jawa.
I had lots of fun with the Restore Ubin Mangrove (R.U.M.) Intiative. As well as volunteers of the Naked Hermit Crabs on our free monthly tour of the Chek Jawa boardwalk.

It's marvelous to have enthusiastic families at our monthly Naked Hermit Crab walks!
Chek Jawa boardwalk tour with the Naked Hermit Crabs
This time, I also shared with Steven and his team of wonderful volunteers who were planning to do a guided walk at Coney Island and wanted to get some tips from nature guides.
Chek Jawa boardwalk tour with the Naked Hermit Crabs
As usual, the best part of the walk was all the wonderful drawings created by our participants. The kids really observe a lot!
Naked Hermit Crabs Guestbook (Chek Jawa Oct 2016)
And I get to see through their eyes, stuff I missed that day!
Naked Hermit Crabs Guestbook (Chek Jawa Oct 2016)
How wonderful that visitors also highlighted how Chek Jawa has TWO beacons! MORE about what we saw and did during the walk on the Adventures with the Naked Hermit Crab blog.
Naked Hermit Crabs Guestbook (Chek Jawa Oct 2016)
I also snuck off to have a look at some rare plants that can be found at Chek Jawa. Like the Critically Endangered Pisang-pisang which was planted by NParks. Thank you!
Pisang-pisang (Kandelia candel), planted
And the Critically Endangered Seashore nutmeg which grow wild at Chek Jawa.
Seashore nutmeg (Knema globularia) male flower
For more about the Naked Hermit Crabs and to get updates of their upcoming walks, check out their blog.

Restore Ubin Mangrove (R.U.M.) Initiative 

Meanwhile, researchers and volunteers of the Restore Ubin Mangrove (R.U.M.) Initiative volunteers have been hard at work on Pulau Ubin. R.U.M. Researchers Zheng Zhangxin and Ong Wei Bin have been mapping the restoration sites almost daily! They also map natural mangroves to find out what kind of conditions mangroves like. In this way, we hope to create these conditions so that Mother Nature can replant the bare ponds.
I joined them briefly on one of their trips to try to help them ID mangrove plants. More photos of the mangrove mapping.

Together with R.U.M. volunteer Mohammad Juhari, we held another FREE mangrove walk at Pulau Ubin. Had a great time sharing with the small but enthusiastic group of participants, exploring Ubin and the beautiful mangroves.
Photo by Mohammad Juhari
After the walk, Nor Lastrina Hamid kindly made this awesome video clip about R.U.M. Thank you!

8 Oct 2016: Free Pulau Ubin Mangrove Walk by Restore Ubin Mangroves (R.U.M) Initiative from Rina Lim Zui Hou on Vimeo.

While Ryan Koh and Joyce Wong shared lovely photos of the walk.

MORE photos by Mohammad Juhari of our walk.

R.U.M. now also has an A3 colour poster in three languages that will be posted at Pulau Ubin. Please do download and post at your office, school or community if you can. Thank you!

Want to volunteer for R.U.M.?

More about how to volunteer with the Restore Ubin Mangroves (R.U.M.) Initiative.

Want updates on RUM happenings?

For alerts on volunteer opportunities and the next FREE monthly mangrove walk, join the RUM facebook group for the latest updates.

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