29 June 2016

Dolphin sightings (May - Jun 2016)

Yes, Singapore got wild dolphins! On 20 May 2016, Rene Ong shared her sighting of two Indo-pacific dolphins off St John's Island.

Photo by Rene Ong on facebook.
On 18 Jun 2016, June Jensen shared her sighting of 4-6 Indo-pacific dolphins off Sentosa and Pulau Brani.

Rene Ong said on facebook: "Dolphin watching for almost an hour, under the hot sun, roasted but all worth it...Glad I didn't believed my eyes played tricks on me... and waited and waited...
Believe is two Pink dolphins... my second encounter with them...it's still so exciting...
No great photos, as they were too fast for me..."

Thanks to June Jensen for sharing this awesome sighting.

June said: "Today at 11:30-12:00 my husband and I spotted a pod of dolphins swimming (4-6) between Brani Island (the Terminal) and Sentosa (near the Golf course). I believe it is the Indo-pacific hump-backed dolphin due to the small dorsal fin and they seemed a bit pink-ish when they were closer to us. They were swimming back and forth, disappearing in between - like they were fishing. I wonder how polluted or clean the harbour is since they chose this place....

Pretty amazing - it definitely made my day"

More about wild dolphins in Singapore and other sightings of them.

What gives me a warm fuzzy feeling is not only knowing that there are wild dolphins in Singapore, but also that there are kind people at sea who look out and share their sightings!

Thank you to everyone who report sightings of special marine creatures such as dolphins and sea turtles.

How can we help protect our sea turtles and dolphins?
  • Stop littering.
  • Stop mass balloon releases

Balloons and soft plastic kill sea turtles, slowly and painfully. Balloons, plastic bags, nylon rope, styrofoam are swallowed by sea turtles which mistake these for jellyfish. One report found that sea turtles are selectively preferring to eat soft plastics over other types of rubbish.
An exploded balloon looks very much like a jellyfish!
This was seen at Cyrene Reef.

YOU can make a difference for our shores!

Explore your shores! Just join any of the many guided activities on our shores, from walks to dives. Come for shore talks and other events. These are updated daily on the wildsingapore happenings blog. Get weekly updates by subscribing to the blog.

Express about your shores! Blog about your trip and share it on social media. Share your photos.

Speak up about our shores. Enjoyed your trip? Tell the organisers, agencies managing the shore. You don't need to write only to complain. Written support of existing habitats will strengthen the case for preserving them. Don't wait until they are at risk!

Act for your shores! Join any of the many volunteer opportunities, more about these on on-going opportunities. Get updates emailed to you by subscribing to feeds from the wildsingapore daily news blogwhich features news, blog updates and volunteer opportunities.

About our wild places how to get there, what to see and do, what to prepare.

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