23 May 2016

Wild fun for kids during the June school holidays!

Exciting nature activities specially for kids are lined up for the coming school holidays! Lots of fun ways to discover and enjoy Singapore's biodiversity! Come for the Chek Jawa Open House. Join night walks or nature camps, go kayaking with the kids, or enjoy art workshops.
Kampung Photo Booth for Pesta Ubin 2016
Kampung Fun for the whole family at Pesta Ubin!
Come for Pesta Ubin, Pulau Ubin Open House! Once a year only, many activities are free of charge! Some do NOT require registration. Simply come to Pulau Ubin and join the fun! Find a Pesta Ubin activity that suits your schedule and interest! Don't say Bo Jio!

FREE activities

At Pesta Ubin, every day got something on! Join the Treasure Ubin treasure hunt (with prizes!). At Uncle Lim's shop at Ubin Town, have fun at the FREE Kampung Photo Booth, FREE colouring the big Pulau Ubin Fun Map. Then get nostalgic at the'Islands of Memories -- Pulau Ubin' exhibition. Here's MORE highlights of happenings at Pesta Ubin!

5 Jun (Sun): Balik Chek Jawa with the Chek Jawa community
As part of Pesta Ubin, Pulau Ubin Open House. All are welcome to visit Chek Jawa! Volunteer guides will be at the boardwalk to share about Chek Jawa's amazing wildlife. From monkeys to wild boar, birds to butterflies, crabs to mudskippers, and fascinating plants of the mangroves and shores, some of which are rare elsewhere. If we are lucky we may encounter otters or even a dugong. (There will be NO activities on the seashores). No charge, the activity is free! No registration required, simply come to Chek Jawa.
Happy Dugong Ambassadors at Chek Jawa
Our last celebration of Chek Jawa was
the Dugong Ambassadors event in 2008

5 Jun (Sun): Journey to the East with Pedal Ubin
Specially for Pesta Ubin, balik Chek Jawa with a Journey to the East with cycling guides from the NUS Toddycats, volunteer guides of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. We will visit the Chek Jawa Open House by the Chek Jawa community and enjoy a guided tour of the Chek Jawa boardwalk. And check out the fun activities at House No. 1!

28 May (Sat): Story telling and launch of new children’s storybooks
With egrets flying south, civet cats roaming the neighbourhood and hermit crabs exploring our waters, join the Raffles Ecological Literacy students as they share their unfolding adventures.

MORE activities

27 May (Fri): MAD for Musang! for kids with Cicada Tree Eco-Place
This event is part of Pesta Ubin! Common Palm Civets or 'musang' live in urban Singapore. And yes, on Pulau Ubin too! If you are curious about what these small native carnivores look like, what they feed on, who may feed on them, and why they are important to humans, join us to learn more! MAD = Make A Difference! $10 for participants 5 years and above.

3-4 Jun (Fri-Sat): Family Nature Camp at Pulau Ubin with Cicada Tree Eco-PlaceSpecially for Pesta Ubin, engage the entire family on a 2 day 1 night camp on Pulau Ubin!  Join guides from Cicada Tree Eco-Place camping in a tent at the rustic Ubin Living Lab. Be rewarded with family bonding time, fresh air, and learning more about Pulau Ubin's amazing wildlife, heritage and way of life. Watching wildlife on evening, night, and morning guided nature walks along Ubin's kampong trails. Experience life the "Ubin Way" by living simply, caring for and respecting each other and all living things. Learn about Ubin's rich natural and cultural heritage. Then pledge to make a difference in our daily lives as stewards of our planet.
Ubin Living Lab
Come to the rustic Ubin Living Lab!
3 Jun (Fri): Nature Keeper Camp for kids
Designed to stimulate the interest of the young and inculcate in them an appreciation of our forests. The free Nature Keeper Camp will be carried out Dairy Farm Nature Park. The one-day nature camp also aims to nurture young minds in active protection and conservation of our natural heritage. Suitable for children 7 - 11 years old (Primary 1 to 5). $25 per child.

5 Jun (Sun): Kayaking Sungei Jelutong with Nature Society (Singapore) and Kayakasia
For families and kids! Explore Sungei Jelutong. A gem in the heart of rustic Pulau Ubin, it is one of the most interesting mangrove rivers in Singapore. Come, join us for a leisurely 1-hour guided paddle where our volunteer guides will share interesting facts on the flora and fauna along the river, the importance of our coastal forests, and what we can do to conserve them. This trip is suitable for both adults and children. $20 per person.
Kayaking at Jelutong mangroves
A rare opportunity to get close to mangroves!

5 Jun (Sun): Mangrove Kayaking Expedition with Adventures by Asian Detours
Get ready for an adventure with Adventures by Asian Detours as we bring you through an extraordinary journey basking in the sights and sounds of Pulau Ubin's lush mangroves! Part of Pesta Ubin, this is a great adventure that doesn't require high levels of fitness or skills, making it perfect for beginners and families. $35 per adult / $30 per child

10 Jun (Fri): I want to be a Wildlife Surveyor! with Cicada Tree Eco-Place
Our natural rainforests and seashores are homes to an amazing diversity of wildlife. What about our urban parks and gardens? Are some wild critters able to adapt and make their homes near ours? Can our man-made gardens become more attractive to wildlife to encourage them to stay and to provide suitable food sources for them to survive? $25/person

10 Jun (Fri): Night Critters Walk by Cicada Tree Eco-Place
Specially for kids and their families for Pesta Ubin. As dusk falls on Pulau Ubin, shy and secretive nocturnal wildlife start to wake up. Expect to see surprising sightings of native wildlife such as the Musang (Palm Civet Cat), Wild Pigs, and if we are really, really lucky, the Pangolin (Scaly Ant-eater) on our slow easy walk. Several species of owl live on Ubin, so we may also get to see, or at least hear, the Spotted Wood-owl, Collared Scops-owl and the Brown Hawk-owl. Our nature guides will use their torchlights to try and spot them, and the Large-tailed Nightjar, another native nocturnal bird. We might even encounter some snakes! $10 for participants 5 years and above,

11 Jun (Sat): NSS Kids’ Fun with Creatures of the Night @ Pulau Ubin
Join the Education Committee and Vertebrate Study Group (VSG) of the Nature Society (Singapore) as we seek out Ubin’s nocturnal wildlife as part of Pesta Ubin. As darkness descends, we will make our way along Ubin’s kampong roads flanked by secondary forest in parts. Move quietly and we might chance upon snakes, civets, and perhaps even glimpse an owl or the Greater Mousedeer. Per child (7 to 12 years old) at $5 for Nature Society (Singapore) members and $10 for non-members.

5 Jun (Sun) and 12 Jun (Sun): Ubin's Animal Puppet workshop for children and families by Jacquelyn Soo
Kids and families! Learn from Jacquelyn about the Animals that live on Ubin Island! During this Pesta Ubin workshop, children will learn to make their own Ubin Animal puppet which they can carry it around the island and pretend to be the animal of the day. With luck, the children may encounter their animal friends in the wild! For children 3 to 12 years old. Minimum 10 children, maximum 15 children per workshop. $6 per puppet.

17 Jun (Fri): Incredible Freshwater Wildlife Workshop with Cicada Tree Eco-Place
It’s an amazing world inside a freshwater habitat. Here live fantastic critters with fantastic capabilities. Above a freshwater pond, colourful dragonflies chase mosquitoes while underwater their fierce aquatic babies ambush tadpoles and small fish. Many other insects have adapted to a life underwater, such as the diving beetle and water scorpion. Some like the water skater stay high and dry by living on the water’s surface. Aquatic critters need unpolluted freshwater to complete their life cycles. In this workshop, participants will learn about local freshwater habitats, who lives in them and what are their special adaptations, followed by a guided visit to the freshwater ponds in the park. $25/person

25 Jun (Sat): Young Naturalist Camp at Sungei Buloh
This one-day camp encompasses a series of fun-filled and educational indoor and outdoor learning of the wetlands and nature conservation issues through worksheets, nature walks and hands-on activities. Suitable for children from 7 to 12 years. Limited to 40 children. Registration fee of $5 for the camp will go into SBWR education fund.

Go wild on your own!

You can also explore on your own! Check out the many DIY Trail Guideson the NParks website. More about our wild places on wildsingapore. A tip to avoid the crowds on school holiday weekends, come early. That's when wildlife is more active anyway. And leave before it gets too hot.

MORE school holiday activities on the wildsingapore happenings blog.


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