20 March 2016

Chek Jawa with families

So glad to be back at Chek Jawa yesterday with the Naked Hermit Crab and about 90 families and kids!
Despite the hot weather, we had a great time!

Before we began, a large Golden Orb Web spider is spotted high up in the trees.
We crane our necks to gawk at the magnificently large mama spider.
Fortunately Jonathan has a long lens and took a great photo of the spider.
This is the great group of visitors who came with me. I struggled once again to reach the top of Jejawi Tower where we had a look at the islands and lands around us. And celebrated with a small group photo!
When we got back down, Jonathan was enthralling his group with the many tiny critters that can be found in the back mangroves. Jonathan did his talk in Mandarin as grandpa doesn't speak English. Salute!
We saw a fluffy seed floating in the air, and then a bird with fluffy seeds in its beak. Dad took a great shot of the bird! Hurray!
We cheat and take photos of his photo.
It was a scorching hot day on the Coastal boardwalk. While we did see many Sand bubbler crabs, I couldn't spot any fiddler crabs. Hopefully it was just because the tide was coming in. We did see many small Gold-spotted mudskippers, and some smaller schooling fishes as well as a large Needlefish. I didn't see any dead fishes but I did see one dying Tripodfish floating at the surface.
At the end of the walk, the kids shared what they love about Chek Jawa. I'm always amazed by their talent and thoughts!

Thanks to Sumita for organising the walk and all the volunteers for guiding. Join the next free Chek Jawa boardwalk tour with the Naked Hermit Crabs for families. More details on their blog.

The water looks alright during our bumboat ride. Not the colour of teh-o, which usually means there is a plankton bloom going on.
The hot weather and neap tides means the risk of a plankton bloom is rising.

Dead Fish Alert! 

Please help me monitor dead fishes washing up on the Johor Straits. Please let me know if you see large numbers (more than 10) especially of large dead fishes (more than 20cm long) washing up on the northern shores such as Pulau Ubin, Lim Chu Kang, Sungei Buloh, Kranji, Woodlands Waterfront, Sembawang, Punggol, Lorong Halus, Pasir Ris, Changi.

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