14 November 2015

Pulau Ubin OBS briefly

This is probably the loveliest part of Pulau Ubin. Tanjung Tajam on the western end of the island under the charge of Outward Bound Singapore.
Yesterday, I had an opportunity to visit with the wonderful OBS team who are organising volunteers to help clean up Ubin and restore nature there.

A large area of the forest at Tanjung Tajam was affected by a fire. OBS and volunteers have been organising many efforts to replant the area with native trees. Bravo!
OBS staff have an annual event where they give back to the community. This year, on 30 Nov (Mon) they are getting together youths to clean up, reforest Tanjung Tajam and learn about Ubin. This includes a trek on secret Ubin paths, and opportunities for them to meet other youths who care about Ubin. Li San has kindly invited me to speak at this wonderful event. When I hope to share about our marvellous marine life and some of the threats to them. More about this event.
While waiting to cross over, I enjoyed the beautiful blue sky day at Punggol Jetty, overlooking the industrial area of Pasir Gudang in Johor. The Johor Strait is indeed very narrow!
From the jetty, I saw four small sampans with people who look like they were laying driftnets. The Police Coast Guard boat did come near them before leaving.
There is a great deal of nets laid in our waters to catch marine life. I'm not exactly sure what happens to the marine life caught.
Here's a closer look at one of the sampans when I was on the way to Ubin.
Sadly, at Punggol Park, we noticed a dead red-eared slider in water that was green with some scummy growth.
These turtles are not native to Singapore and this one is probably released into the pond.
Despite the many notices not to do.
In another pond, there were at least 3 red-eared sliders still alive.
Singapore has wonderful beautiful shores. But many issues that impact them. Much work ahead of us to help raise awareness and hopefully resolve them. I am really grateful that the kind people at OBS are very much part of the solution. Bravo!


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