24 August 2015

How will the new Punggol SIT campus affect wild habitats?

Yesterday, it was announced that the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) will become Singapore's university in the north-east.
Graphic from the Straits Times 24 Aug 2015.
Overlaying the graphic on Google Earth, it appears there will be new roads (blue). The northern road appears to cut close to a tiny sliver of wild mangroves there (yellow dot).
I last visited this mangrove patch in Feb 2011.

The mangrove patch is tiny, a sliver of wild trees along a narrow stream that is still connected to the coastline some distance away. Among the interesting sightings were mud lobster mounds.
Probably time to revisit it soon and do a proper inventory of the wildlife there. Too many shores, too little time!

From media articles about the SIT plans:
When contacted, SIT president Tan Thiam Soon said the university is extremely grateful for the land.

He said: "SIT's Punggol campus will be borderless and integrated with the surrounding community and industry, providing a vibrant learning environment which underpins the applied learning pedagogy that we are developing.

"We will work closely with all the relevant agencies as well as community groups to ensure that the campus becomes a beacon for industry, adding vibrancy to Punggol and turning it into a true university town."


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