15 May 2015

Help needed for bulk purchase of marine guidesheets

'Singapore got marine life, meh?' I give out this 'blue guidesheet' to show that our Southern shores are alive! But I've run out of copies to give away and need to reprint them.
click on image for larger view.
I've also designed a 'green guidesheet' for our Northern shores!
click on image for larger view.
While I can pay for some, I need additional purchases to reach the minimum order of 16,000 copies. Are you interested in bulk purchases of this guidesheet at cost price? [Update: within less than 24 hours, thanks to overwhelming kind support, we now have a print run of 26,000 copies. Thank you! But if you would like to make bulk purchases, please do let me know by 18 May (Mon).]

The guidesheets contains lots photos of our marine life with snippets of information.  Each has a map of the area and also includes stories about some of our shores that ordinary people can visit. The guidesheets include tips on how to be a gentle visitor and how to make a difference for our wild shores.

The Southern guidesheet covers Labrador Park, Sentosa, Kusu Island, St. John's Island, Pulau Semakau, Pulau Hantu, and The Sisters Islands Marine Park! It also features diving in Singapore thanks to photos provided by Debby Ng of the Hantu Bloggers. As well as the Blue Water Volunteers who were involved from the first print of the guidesheet in 2004. And the work of TeamSeagrass. Thanks to Con Foley, it also includes an awesome photo of a wild dolphin!
click on image for larger view.
The Northern guidesheet covers Pasir Ris Park, Pulau Ubin and Chek Jawa, Pulau Sekudu, and Changi. The Northern guidesheet features the outreach work of the Naked Hermit Crabs as well as TeamSeagrass.
click on image for larger view
 This is what each guidesheet looks like when folded - about 93mm wide x 260mm tall

So far, efforts to sell the guidesheets have not been successful. So I'm just giving them out for free. I give out these guidesheets during talks.
They are also given out during guide training sessions.
I also give them out as a useful aid for safety briefings before TeamSeagrass and other field trips to our reefs. I challenge participants to find the stonefish in the guidesheet and discuss some of the dangers in interacting with the various marine life featured in the guidesheet.
I think the guidesheets will be great to give out during talks, workshops, classes; at field trips, exhibitions. They also make great gifts or mementos at events.

No one is making money from the guidesheets!

This deep friendship price for printing the guidesheets is so kindly provided by the good folks at Greenprints who use paper from sustainable sources like sugarcane waste, and use green technology low energy consumption printing machines. They have spent a lot of time figuring out how to get the price down, by testing on different paper and tweaking their machines. They are not making money out of this.

Their friendship quote is
Minimum 16,000 copies for $5,120 or 32cents per guidesheet.
Minimum 20,000 copies for $5,850 or 29cents per guidesheet.

All other costs such as photos, writing, layout are contributed free of charge by me and other volunteers.

I can only afford to pay for 8,000 copies, from my personal funds. There is a shortfall of 8,000 copies before I can make the minimum order of 16,000 copies.

Are you interested in making bulk pre-order of this guidesheet? Do you know of anyone who may be interested? Please let them know.

At 32cents per guidesheet, it will cost:
$320 for 1,000 copies
$160 for 500 copies

Of course, if we do manage to get an order for 20,000 copies, then the unit price drops for everyone.

If you can help make bulk purchases, please fill out this online form by 18 May (Mon)  http://goo.gl/forms/r3iRQnvG1w. Embedded below for your instant entry!

Or you can email me, Ria Tan at hello@wildsingapore.com by 25 May (Mon) with these details
  • Your name and contact
  • Which guidesheet would you like to order? Northern shores (green) and/or Southern shores (blue)?
  • How many copies per kind of guidesheet?

Thank you everyone for your support!

[Update: within less than 24 hours, thanks to overwhelming kind support, we now have a print run of 26,000 copies. Thank you! But if you would like to make bulk purchases, please do let me know by 18 May (Mon).]


  1. Can you get the government ministries to sponsor the printing. You can also try to get corporate sponsors.

  2. Thanks Andrew for the suggestions.

    It's not really about the money. I prefer asking friends and supporters of marine life to buy the guidesheet, because I know they will then give out the guidesheets to their friends and contacts and also pass on good messages as they do so.

    I can only give out 8,000 copies. But with support, we can give out 20,000 copies or more. I can't give out so many copies on my own!

    The funds involved are quite modest, and it's the outreach that is special and that money can't buy.

    This is the third time I'm doing the print run this way and as usual, within hours, the minimum run is reached and breached.

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful support!



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