12 April 2015

East Johor Strait water quality sightings

On the way to Chek Jawa, I saw three small boats that look like they were tending to driftnets laid in the waters between Changi and Chek Jawa. I also saw driftnetting on Chek Jawa itself.
Also dredging, trash, and signs of plankton bloom.

Here's a wider view of the three boats.
While we were on the boardwalk, we also saw a boat with someone tending to a driftnet laid across the Chek Jawa intertidal flats.
In Feb 2013, we also saw someone laying a very long driftnet at Chek Jawa, almost half the length of the lagoon.
These are some of the fishes found dead in a long driftnet laid at Chek Jawa in July 2013. More about driftnets at Chek Jawa on Project Driftnet.

While at Jelutong Tower, I also noticed several kayakers landing on Chek Jawa. Since 2007, the waters around Chek Jawa has been officially designated as an area off limits to boaters, water recreational activities including fishing and swimming.
During the walk along the Chek Jawa boardwalk, there was a large blue drum that probably came from a nearby fish farm. More about trash on Pulau Ubin and the fish farms nearby.
Dredging of Changi Creek started in January and is scheduled to go on until June. Dredging stirs up the sediments and affects water quality in the surrounding area.
The water in the wake of our bumboat is the colour of tea. Which suggests there is some kind of plankton bloom going on.
There are many activities on Singapore that affects water quality in the East Johor Strait. We can only hope that we don't experience another mass fish death like the one last month.

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