15 March 2015

Naked again at Chek Jawa!

The Naked Hermit Crabs resume our monthly free guided walks at the Chek Jawa boardwalk since upgrading works are now completed. Hurray!
About 50 enthusiastic visitors joined us for our first walk here since the works began in Sep 2014. We saw lots of cool stuff and had fun as usual!

The Jejawi Tower is a big hit as usual, allowing us a panoramic view of Pulau Tekong and Johor all the way to the hills of Pengerang. And if you peek a little between the trees, Changi Airport on the mainland too!
The brand new planks on the boardwalk are still pale. Sumita is sharing more about mud lobster mounds and the crabs and other animals that live there.
Sankar shares more about the hidden sources of honey beneath a Sea hibiscus leaf.
Dad points out spiders and little critters that live among the mangrove plants.
Oh, someone has spotted a large Malayan water monitor.
We see another monitor lizard along the coast as well.
There's also lots of fiddler crabs.
And busy happy Gold-spotted mudskippers.
The most interesting encounter for me today was to see this Crimson sunbird feeding on an Ant-house plant. Possibly feeding on its flowers?
On the way home, we saw some monkeys eating from litter left behind by visitors. It's important not to feed the monkeys, wild boar or other wild animals. So that wild animals do not associate humans with food, and do not approach humans, who may then get alarmed and complain. The wild animals usually suffer following such complaints. More in this old post.
I had visited the boardwalk earlier in the year with NParks while it was being upgraded. A lot of work has been put for our favourite boardwalk. Thanks to all at Ubin NParks!
Come and join the Naked Hermit Crabs for the next free monthly guided tour. Or find out more about Pulau Ubin and explore it on your own.

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