05 December 2014

'Open House' at Pulau Ubin fish farms for Ubin Day

We jumped at the rare opportunity to visit the fish farms around Pulau Ubin during Ubin Day!
Photo by Sean Yap
How exciting to finally visit the 'rainbow house' that belongs to Noven Chew.

A group of 9 of us snuck off from our duties at Ubin Day for the fun boat ride with Philip Lim.
Before we got to the farm, Philip brought us on a tour of the mangroves nearby. He is very concerned about them as he knows mangroves help maintain good water quality.
We 'bumped' into Lisa Lim and the NSS Marine Conservation Group's family kayaking event. Oops, sorry!
Philip gives us a briefing on the fish farm operations when we arrived. I learnt a lot about fish farm management.

Noven also demonstrated how wild fish is harvested at the farm. For eating as well as feeding to the caged fish farm.
Photo by Sean Yap
Noven's farm is very tidy and pretty with flowering and fruiting plants.
They recycle their waste at this farm. Bravo!
Thanks to Philip and Noven for a lovely visit to a fish farm off Pulau Ubin! I was also glad to spend time with Mr KP Tan who taught me so much about Pulau Ubin years ago when I was wandering around on Chek Jawa.
On the way home, Philip brought us to another stretch of mangroves  near Ketam, where we saw 3 otters!
We made an amphibious landing on Pulau Ubin. Mr Tan says it's like the Normandy landing but with far less casualties!

Thank you to everyone for such an interesting trip.


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