04 November 2014

Speak up for Pulau Ubin!

Upset by the results of the Ubin survey? Add YOUR views to the survey here
From AsiaOne 4 Nov 14
From social media comments, it appears the Straits Times article about the survey on Pulau Ubin has been met with some alarm and unease. The article says "While half of the 500 people surveyed said they wanted more modern conveniences on the island, heritage experts and nature enthusiasts want to preserve its untouched charm."

More background on the survey

Melody, who approached me for my views for her article, said: "MND has given me a response on the survey results so far. It started an online survey on Sept 8 and has gotten 480 responses so far."

This is the information she provided as background to the questions she asked me:
1) About half those polled said they hope for more public facilities and amenities such as shelters, footpaths, water points, toilets, lighting and campsites; attractions such as boardwalks, hiking and cycling trails; and restoring and rebuilding kampong houses for uses such as visitor overnight stays.

2) Other suggestions include adopting sustainable technologies, having key biodiversity sensitive zones to protect the natural environment.

3) Residents themselves hope for more toilets, food stalls, wider roads, network coverage, water supply, street lightings, a waste disposal system, more bbq pits at becahes, campsites, ATM machines and a first aid station on the island.

4) What do you think of suggestions to replace the island's gasoline vehicles with electric ones, remind visitors to bring their trash out of Ubin, making Ubin a space for the eco-community to showcase sustainable materials or hold events like ‘green markets’ that are powered by solar energy, converting the island into a ‘natural lab’ where visitors, especially students, can learn about its natural heritage not just in terms of its biodiversity but also, for example, its geology and how the island's natural environment was exploited for their economic value in the past. There are also others who would like the kampong houses in Ubin to be restored the way they were back in the 60s for educational purposes (e.g. bringing school children to these restored kampong houses, so that they can learn and experience how Singapore was like in the past).

Thanks to Chua Ai Lin for the share, this appeared in today's Straits Times: Punchlines, 4 Nov 2014, A23
from Straits Times: Punchlines, 4 Nov 2014, A23

You can still share your aspirations and thoughts about Pulau Ubin in the survey. The survey is still online here

Also check out this MND page of eCitizen Ideas for the Ubin Project, and contribute your own ideas there.

Speak up for Ubin before it's too late!

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