14 October 2014

Container ship runs aground near Pulau Sebarok on 14 Oct 2014

On 14 Oct 2014, a container ship Hyundai Jakarta ran aground near Pulau Sebarok.
Photo from Stomp.
This was reported on Stomp by 'psion'.

According to Stomp: "Stomper psion saw that a container ship, Hyundai Jakarta, had gotten stuck after running aground near Pulau Sebarok this morning (Oct 14). He added that rescue vessels are currently providing assistance.  A check on marinetraffic.com confirms that the cargo ship is still aground as of 1.30pm."

By 3pm a check on marinetraffic.com showed the container ship had been moved to Raffles Reserve, the usual place where vessels involved in accidents are placed.
As of 6pm, there is no info on the accident on the MPA website. So we have no idea if there has been any oil spill resulting from the grounding.

In Sep 2009, an 80,000 tonne container ship ran aground at Sebarok Beacon. This seems to be about the same area where the container ran aground today.
This is what I saw the stuck container ship in Sep 2009, between the two Sisters Islands.
The two Sisters Islands are in the foreground with the ship in between the two islands.
Let's hope there has been no oil spill near the Sisters Islands.

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