03 March 2014

Wild Intern (Apr-Jun 2014) - Now open for applications!

We're looking for help to organise nature outreach activities including workshops and other nature events.
Help organise important workshops like
NMP Faizah Jamal's session about Parliament
during the recent Leafmonkey Workshop.
Applications now for a brand new Wild Intern position! Applications close 7 Mar (Fri).

In this position, you will help organise nature outreach activities including

What you can hope to achieve from this internship
  • Learn how to organise outreach events successfully.
  • Network with nature and environment communities.
  • Immerse in the latest happenings in biodiversity and environment issues.

You will report to me (Ria). Other experienced nature leads may also mentor for specific events or projects. Working hours are flexible and there will be a monthly stipend. The internship is for a minimum of 3 months, from April to June 2014.

More about the roles and responsibilities, work arrangements, required skills and attitudes in the online application form here http://tinyurl.com/WildIntern-Apr-Jun2014.

Applications close 7 Mar (Fri)


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