25 February 2014

How does Parliament work? Find out at 1 Mar (Sat) Leafmonkey Workshop!

How can Parliament be a channel for environmental advocacy? How can we raise environmental issues as part of constructive feedback on the 2014 Budget through Parliament?
NMP Faizah Jamal in Parliament asking about the 3 recent oil spills.
Learn from NMP Faizah Jamal. Discuss and workshop this with like-minded individuals on 1 Mar (Sat) in this special upcoming Leafmonkey Workshop: Speaking for the Trees in Parliament.

During the last Parliamentary sitting, NMP Faizah Jamal raised three important environmental issues and was able to add supplementary questions for on-the-spot live answers by the Ministers or their representatives.

NMP Faizah raised the issue of 'door- to- door waste collection services' for fish farms, the missing skid tank for trash collection at Changi Creek, as well as the mass fish deaths and related issues of water quality and health impact. Here's the CNA video clip of the responses to her questions. Full questions and unofficial transcript of the exchange on wildsingapore news here.

NMP Faizah raised the issue of the 3 recent oil spills and asked whether those responsible will be brought to task, whether the findings will be made public, whether MPA has a rapid environment monitoring response team to conduct EIAs on the marine habitat and whether MPA consider using other methods beyond dispersants. Unfortunately, she did not appear to get much of a response on these issues. Here's the CNA video clip of the responses to her questions (at 4:40). Full questions and unofficial transcript of the exchange on wildsingapore news here.

NMP Faizah also raised the issue of monkey-trapping by AVA, asking about their protocols for monkey-trapping activities and the use of rubbish bins as traps at nature reserve borders. Unfortunately, Channel NewsAsia did not carry a video clip of this exchange in Parliament. Full questions and media report of the exchange on wildsingapore news here.

Can you make a difference through Parliament?

Come for the Leafmonkey Workshop: Speaking for the Trees in Parliament to find out how Parliament works. What we as active citizens can do to raise issues through this channel?

What is this workshop about?
This workshop gives a basic introduction of the Singapore parliamentary process from a nominated member of parliament's perspective. Learn how this process can be a channel for environmental advocacy and an opportunity for Singaporeans to give constructive feedback on the 2014 Budget through this process.

This workshop is useful for all who are interested to learn more as well as passionate members of the community who would like to share their feedback, exchange ideas and network with like-minded volunteers to make a difference.

About Faizah Jamal
For more than 25 years, Faizah Jamal has been an advocate for the environment, which started with her forays into the Malaysian forests and the volcanoes in Indonesia as a member of the (then) Malayan Nature Society now known as the Nature Society Singapore. Formerly a Corporate Lawyer with a law degree from NUS, Faizah specialized in Intellectual Property Law with top law firms Drew & Napier and Haq & Selvam in Singapore. Faizah is also a recipient of the European Community-ASEAN Post-graduate Scholarship in Environment Studies in 1992, and has a Master’s degree in Environment Law from King’s College, University of London. In 2003 Faizah gave up corporate law to pursue her passion for the environment and embarked on a second career as a full time Environment Educator, leading students towards an awareness of, and love for Nature. Since 2008, Faizah is an Adjunct Lecturer with Republic Polytechnic, pioneering the Environment Education module , where she not only guides young people to be eco–literate, through skillful facilitation, she also encourages her students to reflect deeply on the intangible lessons from Nature in leading meaningful and examined lives. In Feb 2012 Faizah was appointed as a Nominated Member of Parliament, after her successful nomination by Nature Society Singapore specifically to represent environment concerns in Parliament.


Registration is strongly advised as it allows us to better customize the workshop to suit YOUR needs! As seats are limited, the venue will only be sent to participants upon registration. Registration closes on 26 Feb (Wed).

Date: 1 Mar (Sat)
Time: 9am-12.30pm
Venue: To be advised to those who register


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