21 June 2013

Nature and the Big City: lots of ways to make a difference!

The Leafmonkey Workshop is back! Despite the haze, there was a great turn out showing how much we all missed the Workshops!
Dr Lai Chee Kien gave a great introduction to the history and process of planning and urban development in Singapore. And show us how to decipher the future plans for Singapore. Then the lively group broke into discussions to work out some ways each of us can make a difference for nature in Singapore.

I learnt a lot from Dr Lai about how developments are planned in Singapore. November gave a great introduction to issues and the importance of considering all stakeholders. With a wonderful variety of participants from different backgrounds, groups and expertise, the discussions were lively and raised many constructive approaches to the issues. The last session where each of us stepped up to share what we would do personally was inspiring, with many good ideas. So many have already been doing great work! After the formal session, the lively discussions continued on collaborations and other ideas. For me, it was also a great opportunity to catch up with  many old friends, and to make new ones! 

Thanks to Ivan for live-tweeting the event too. Between us, I think we managed to cover the highlights of the wonderful evening of sharing and learning, and ultimately DOING something!  I've compiled the tweets in this storify, which includes links to more about some of the actions being taken for current issues of the day.

Thanks to November for organising what we hope will be the beginning of MORE workshops!

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