12 April 2013

Free guided tours of Sentosa's natural shore at Tanjung Rimau

Beneath Singapore's last few natural cliffs, cloaked in marvelous rare plants, is a rocky shore with seagrasses and some corals.
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This shore is managed by Sentosa Development Corporation which announced today that it is offering free guided tours there. Bravo!

The shore is just off Rasa Sentosa.
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The seagrasses on this shore is also regularly monitored by TeamSeagrass. In fact, it was the Sentosa Seagrass Transact in 2006 that eventually led to the formation of TeamSeagrass! This shore is also among those studied by marine biologists at NUS.
While some of the Team are monitoring on the left,
others are being interviewed for a TV programme on the right.
The Naked Hermit Crabs first started public walks by guiding on this shore! We've since moved on to other shores which are at greater risk. So it's great to know that Sentosa is now providing free guided walks on this shore!
Families  having a great time
during a Naked Hermit Crab walk at Tg. Rimau Sentosa

Here's more about the Sentosa guided walk:

From "Sentosa au naturel" 
by Sarah Roxanne Sim Straits Times 12 Apr 13;
also on wildsingapore news


Where: A five-minute walk from Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort. The coast, which is the last remaining natural coastline on Sentosa, is behind the hotel.

What: Wildlife enthusiasts can glimpse monitor lizards and kingfishers and anemones such as the sea mat zoanthid at Tanjong Rimau, a relatively unspoilt shore.

Expect to see a 7ha forest, filled with trees such as the podocarpus polystachyus, commonly known as the sea teak, perched atop a cliff that Nature Society Singapore experts estimate has been holding up since the pre-Jurassic era.

If you are lucky, and have eagle eyes, you may even spy a macaque strolling by, or a sea cockroach darting across the sand.

Info: Call Sentosa on 6736-8672 or e-mail nature@sentosa.com.sg to schedule a free guided tour. As the area's colourful rocks are slippery, the occasional high tides can pose a danger to the uninitiated. Visitors should join the Sentosa team's guided tour instead of going unaccompanied.

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