09 April 2013

26-28 Apr: NEA Hackathon to create solutions for a sustainable Singapore

Join the NEA hackathon where NEA's datasets will be available to create solutions. Come brainstorm ideas, work with innovative people and create awesome solutions for a sustainable Singapore!
Help create solutions to questions like:
  • Can technology and a smart idea help build communities and encourage everybody to make better choices for the environment?
  • Can prompt reporting and crowdsourcing predict problems before they happen?
  • Can Technology and social media encourage people to support green projects ?
  • How can we use technology to educate people and quantify the environmental impact of their lifestyles?
  • How can we inspire and incentivise behaviour change for our citizens and build a supportive community?
  • How can we encourage people of all age groups to commit to better habits for a sustainable Singapore?

More details on the inaugural Clean and Green Hackathon website.

22 April, 6:30 - 9PM, *SCAPE, L4 The Colony

Attend this informal warm-up workshop to kickstart crafting of ideas ahead of the hackathon! Hear from Prof Leo Tan on the opportunities for Singapore's environment, as well as a quick introduction on the datasets available.

26 - 28 APRIL, NUS, University Town, Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium
DAY 1 | FRI, 26 APRIL | 6:30 - 10PM

We'll open the event with some short presentations from subject matter experts to inspire you ahead of the weekend.

You'll be invited to pitch your ideas, form teams and finalise what you'll be working on for the weekend. If you plan to pitch your idea, prepare in advance and distill it to a short and clear preposition. You'll be given 1 - 2 minutes to convince the others to join your team.

DAY 2 | SAT, 27 APRIL | 10AM - 7PM

Kickstart the morning with inspiring Tech Talks to help you build innovative prototypes. You'll get to work on your ideas the whole day with support from roving experts and mentor clinics.

DAY 3 | SUN, 28 APRIL | 10AM - 4PM

We'll run a series of presentation clinics in the morning to help teams with their pitch and slide decks. Presentations are kept at a maximum of 2 minutes per team.

More details on the inaugural Clean and Green Hackathon website.

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