29 March 2013

1 Apr (Mon): Talk on "Lessons from Chek Jawa" by N. Sivasothi

What really happened at Chek Jawa before reclamation was deferred? What lessons were learnt and how do these lessons guide current conservation efforts?
With news of deferment of reclamation, there was tremendous public pressure to visit Chek Jawa. Efforts were redoubled to train guides so that everyone could have a chance to see their Chek Jawa. Here, N. Sivasothi is briefing NParks staff. Priscilla the Pig, as usual, was present at the occasion.
Hear from N. Sivasothi's personal experience leading some of the efforts for Chek Jawa before reclamation was deferred at this free talk.

"Conservation issues in Southeast Asia" by Mary Rose Posa
"Lessons from Chek Jawa: diversity, communication, and engagement in Singapore" by N. Sivasothi

Two talks and discussions by the Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore for the Urban Tropical Ecology (Singapore) module, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University led by Dan Rittschof and Mike Orbach.

The talks are free and all volunteers and members of the natural history community are welcome.

Please sign up here: http://tinyurl.com/constalk-01apr2013

So we know to switch to a smaller or larger room.

Date: 1 Apr (Mon)
Time: 6-9pm
Venue: Conference Room 1, Block S3, Level 5, Department of Biological Sciences Map: http://map.sivasothi.com

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