31 January 2013

A guide to plants in Singapore's Urban Forest

Check out Teo Siyang's fabulous Urban Forest online guide to plants found in Singapore and beyond!
He says: The website aims to be fast and simple to navigate, with clear, interesting, and concise content so that learning about plant identification will be a breeze.

Siyang adds: After a month of very hard work, there are now 50 species of plants featured in the Urban Forest website! Can you name all of them just by looking at this mosaic?
See full photo on the Urban Forest facebook page.
Siyang very helpfully adds "diagnostic features are based on how I personally identify these plants on the field. They are not based on strict criteria as indicated in the Floras. This is how it works for me and hopefully for other readers too."

You can get updates and join the conversation on plants with Siyang and friends on the Urban Forest facebook page.

Thanks Siyang for a wonderful resource for us to learn more about our wild plants!


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