22 November 2012

Postcards on positive interaction with our wild animals

Thanks to Zuze Boh, our wondeful wild piglets from Chek Jawa are featured in a series of postcards on local wildlife!
This is part of an effort to raise awareness of how to interact positively with wildlife in Singapore. Here's more about how we can peacefully interact with wild boar.

Zuze Boh is part of a group of student teachers from National Institute of Education (NIE) involved in an NIE Service Learning project in collaboration with Cicada Tree Eco-Place for the Jane Goodall Institute Singapore (JGIS). One of their specific targets is interaction with Long-tailed macaques which are found in our forests, mangroves and sea shores too. More about why we should not feed the monkeys or other animals.
 Another featured creature is the Common palm civet!
The team are also providing a wildlife lesson for Primary 5 students from Westgrove Primary School on the 24th of November at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. This lesson will consist of educational activities and a nature walk that we hope will instill in students a love for and a greater understanding of Singapore's wildlife. Activities will include a shared book reading, a poster gallery walk, a jigsaw puzzle and observation activity, and an art and craft session where they will get to try their hand at making a monkey puppet out of recyclable materials. All resources will be given to JGIS as part of efforts to sustain such nature activities for children.

Bravo to Zuze and the NIE team for this much-needed effort!

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