25 June 2012

Share your wild boar experiences on a new facebook page

The Singapore Wild Boar Chronicles facebook page was just set up by Ong Say Lin for everyone to share interesting encounters with a Singapore wild boar.
Share your photos and memorable stories here!

Say Lin recently completed a National University of Singapore (NUS) research project on the wild boar population in mainland Singapore.

About the facebook page, Say Lin explains "The wild boar is a native animal of Singapore. This fascinating animal has found itself in the spotlight due to recent discussions on the possible management of its population. The media has also portrayed the wild boar in a negative light due to a recent incident at Bishan Park on 22nd June 2012, in which 2 people had minor injuries from an apparent wild boar attack. It is easy to forget that wild boars are a prey species that are unlikely to attack unless threatened. They continue to live peacefully with people in places such as Pulau Ubin and abroad.

This page serves as a platform for anyone who would like to share their memorable experiences with a wild boar in Singapore."

Among the recent posts to the page was Rick's photo of the Mama wild boar at Chek Jawa, tenderly caring for her babies.
Chuen Ling shared more photos of the wild boar at Pulau Ubin.
Andy shared how people can hurt wild boar, with his video clip of the Mama wild boar with a fish hook in her mouth.

fishhooked boar @ chek Jawa 16Oct2011 from SgBeachBum on Vimeo.

I even discovered a facebook page on James, the three-legged wild boar at Pulau Ubin. Not everyone wants to eliminate wild boar. Some people are kind to them!
According to the page "James is a (likely elderly, slightly wild) boar living at Pulau Ubin, a small island off the norhern coast of Singapore. Life is tough in the wilderness of Ubin's western outward bound and after James lost his left forehoof in a trap in December last year it is even tougher. But since he doesn't believe in the survival of the fittest thing (he might not be sporty anymore, but dumb he is not), he asked Nick and his neighbours for help, who since then support him with water, coconuts, chickenfeet and other edibles."

Say Lin kindly featured my photo of the very special people-friendly Priscilla the Pig, who used to accompany visitors out on the intertidal walks at Chek Jawa, before she died in 2004.
After deferment: public walks continues
And also my photo of Mama wild boar and her piglet peacefully crossing in front of a large group of people including young kids, in Dec 2011.
Which hopefully shows that if people do the right thing, wild life and humans can co-exist peacefully.

Share your photos and stories of positive interactions with wild boar on The Singapore Wild Boar Chronicles facebook page!

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  1. Say Lin, this is timely indeed. At the very least, this facebook is a much needed platform for friends of wild boars to bear witness to experiencing the wonderful and conflict-free interaction we can have with them when we treat them right.

    In all my years of nature walks in Ubin, never once did I have problem with wild boars - even those with piglets in tow. The whole point is treating them right - with respect. The true complexion of the wild boar has been unfairly painted over as wild and dangerous by our own fear and ignorance. They are not wild and dangerous if we treat them right. In fact, people can become a real and present danger to the wild boar by their very own fear and ignorance, and if I may add - stupidity.

    What do you expect when (for example) when one gestures loudly, disturbs and chases a wild boar? It will run amok. And worse still, it may hurt some innocent bystanders standing in the way of a scared boar. The wild boar cannot be said to 'charge' with dangerous intent; it just ran blindly out of fear of being attacked in the first place.

    Left alone and respected, wild boar in our midst is not only a wonderous element of the wild to behold but it is also a great reflection of a kind and tolerant society - one which is wholesome of heart and gentle in spirit and ready to encompass the world and the universe as one true home. When I see a wild boar in Bishan Garden, I am reminded of the greater nature I belong to. The city is only a thin skin by which our life depends on and if we are not careful (for example - painting a bad light on wild boar and promoting further fear and ignorance, and eliminating a gentle creature off the face of our immediate existence) - we allow this thin skin to engulf and suffocate the poetry and song that human life naturally dance to. In which case, we die truly not a human race but a rat race who knew not what living is all about.

    1. Beautifully put and a wonderful reminder of our shared connection to all creatures. I'm new to Singapore, but hope to see the boars soon.



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