03 February 2012

Our shores in Pioneer Magazine!

Thanks to Sheena Tan, there was a feature about Singapore's shores in the latest issue of Pioneer, a magazine of the Singapore Armed Forces!
"The Singapore that many locals know is one that boasts skyscrapers, shopping centres and endless construction works, but Ms Ria Tan begs to differ" writes Sheena. So much classier than what I usually say in my talks: "Singapore got marine life, meh?!"

This story is part of features on "Doing our bit for Total Defence" which is the theme for the Feb 2012 issue.
Thanks to Jeffery Low who shared this photo of me and Robin Ngiam, terrestrial work such as Robin's fabulous great book about Singapore Dragonflies is also mentioned in the article!
Jeff also shared this photo of the time when NParks kindly included me in their walk for Pierre-Yves Cousteau at Sisters Island last year.
Thanks Sheena for helping to raise awareness about Singapore's shores and other wild places!

More about Pioneer magazine on the Mindef website.


  1. Hooray! Ria, I am so happy for you and the wonderful work you do for the natural environment. You are my number one backyard heroine! Hooray again! Many more going to know your tireless effort bringing the shores alive in minds and hearts in Singapore!! : )

  2. I'm overwhelmed by your kind support Joe! YOU are my inspiration!



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