12 December 2011

Wild photos at Punggol

Thanks to Tan Teng Teng of Art Logica, I got a look at the panels at Punggol which used some of my photos!
How nice to know that there are panels to tell Singaporeans about wildlife at Punggol. Hopefully this will help them appreciate and protect them.

Here's another photo of the entire panel! Wow!
Most people who use my photos hardly even reply to say thanks. And even fewer bother to show me the final product. So I really appreciate this kind gesture, Teng Teng!

Our last trips to Punggol were to look at the marvellous sea anemones there with Dr Daphne. Here, we found the amazing Burgundy anemone (Bunodosoma goanense). So far, we haven't encountered this anemone in such large numbers as on Punggol!
Burgundy anemone (Bunodosoma goanense)
I haven't had time to explore the new facilities at Punggol! Teng Teng's photos is motivating me to do so.
I found out there's a site dedicated to Punggol called We Love Punggol with lots of details about happenings there! So much more of our shores to explore!

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