25 September 2011

Posters galore at the Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium III

More than 40 posters about awesome work on Singapore's biodiversity was also featured at the Symposium!
It was a great opportunity to share some of this work with the Guest of Honour, Minister of State (MOS) for National Development and Manpower. The posters also highlighted some ways we can make a difference for our shores!

Yang Shufen shared more about the impressive work that is going on to restore the mangroves at Pulau Tekong.
 Here's some of the rare and beautiful mangroves that can be found there.
 And about the efforts being made to protect this last best mangroves in Singapore!
Other interesting work going on include efforts for the lovely Mandai mangroves. Thanks to Rick, I've been getting a first hand look of what is being done.
Wah, so amazing to see how my recent trudge through Mandai with a 'wizard stick' contributed to this amazing insight into the elevation in the mangroves.
There are also posters which highlight how we can make a difference for our shores! This poster by the volunteers behind the Blue Water Volunteers' ReefFriends programme gives a glimpse of what has been going on for more than 10 years in monitoring Singapore's reefs.
 There have been new records!
 Volunteer divers are needed with this programme. To join the team email bwvreeffriends@gmail.com or contact Jeffrey Low at NParks at jeffrey_low@nparks.gov.sg.
TeamSeagrass is another volunteer based effort that was featured among the posters. Jocelyne Sze shared about it with the Minister. Visit the TeamSeagrass blog to find out more about it and how to join. Ordinary people CAN make a difference for our shores!
There were also posters about these on going efforts:
OtterWatch by Meryl Theng - share your otter sightings.
Wild boars by Ong Say Lin - share your wild boar sightings

And lots and lots of other posters! From giant clams to button snails, sponges and seaweeds, reef restoration to rocky shores! Here's abstracts of the posters.

More about what happened at the Symposium with MORE links.


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