11 July 2011

Dinosaurs in Singapore!

Apollo, Prince and baby dinosaur Twinky may find a home in Singapore if all goes well!
Dr Tan Swee Hee with dinosaur
from Would we have dinosaurs in Singapore?
The Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research is hoping to raise $12million to bring these three dinosaurs to Singapore, where they will take pride of place in the new natural history museum! You can contribute by donating online!

Why dinosaurs? Should Singapore feature American dinosaurs? Why so expensive? Here's more about the dinosaurs from a Sunday Times article by Tan Dawn Wei yesterday:

Why dinosaurs?
'The idea was always to have a central gallery and put something there that would make people go 'Whoa!'' said Professor Peter Ng, director of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research.

Dr Tan Swee Hee also shares why he feels dinosaurs will add that special 'magic' to a museum, especially for kids.

Should Singapore feature American dinosaurs?
Those behind the new museum did ponder the question of whether American dinosaurs had a place in a museum showcasing Asia's natural heritage. Such issues were put to the museum's scientific advisory committee, which took a few days to deliberate before coming back with a 'yes'.

According to the Sunday Times, dinosaur exhibitions here have so far showcased replicas, not the real thing.Thailand is the only South-east Asian country that has dinosaurs, found in the north and featured in two dinosaur museums there.

Where were the dinosaurs found?
Dinosauria International, a Wyoming-based fossil company that found the three remains between 2007 and last year in Ten Sleep, a small town in the American state.

The dinosaurs are real, sure or not?
To establish that the finds are real, the museum checked with fellow scientists around the world, looked at the scientific paper that had been written about the discoveries, and sent a team to Wyoming.

Why so expensive?
The dinosaur finds are special. The two adults and one baby were found together and could well be a family. They are over 80 per cent complete, a rarity as far as dinosaur discoveries are concerned. The $12 million figure includes the purchase price as well as mounting an accompanying exhibition.

Mr Raimund Albersdoerfer, a partner at Dinosauria International, said he is reserving the three dinosaurs for Singapore, although there are interested foreign buyers, including private collectors.

'Because of the scientific value, we will sell only to major public institutions or museums in order to secure them for scientific research and public accessibility,' Mr Albersdoerfer told The Sunday Times.

You CAN help get the dinosaurs to Singapore!
Raffles Museum has approached donors of its building fund and other potential donors. A public donation drive has also been launched on its website, http://rmbr.nus.edu.sg/dino/dino-online.html.

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