21 June 2011

Huge container ship run aground south of Sisters Island

A 85,000 deadweight ton container ship ran aground on the reefs of Batu Berhanti in Indonesian waters in the Singapore Straits.
This photo of the container ship was shared on STOMP, thanks to Ivan Kwan for the heads up.

From Google Earth, Batu Berhanti is located south of Sisters Islands and the other rich reefs in Singapore nearby.
I just checked the MPA website, so far there is no posting about this incident and whether there is any oil spill threat.

But there are these details on xinmsn news 20 Jun 11;
United Arab Shipping Container Ship Runs Aground South of Singapore

The Maritime and Port Authority said a container ship has run aground in waters south of Singapore.

At about 10 pm on Sunday, the Qatar-registered Al Rawdah "ran aground on the reefs of Batu Berhanti in Indonesia, while transiting the Singapore Strait from west to east.

The port authority didn't state the condition of the ship, or report any casualties.

The vessel belongs to Kuwait-based United Arab Shipping, according to a senior official in the shipping line, who didn't want to be named.

According to the United Arab Shipping's website, Al Rawdah has a deadweight tonnage of over 85 thousand tons and can carry nearly 7 thousand twenty-foot equivalent units.

Our reefs are sometimes struck by large vessels. Most recent incidents include


  1. Well, there goes the coral reef on Batu Berhanti. If there was one, it's probably pretty much in ruins now.

    Seems like Batu Berhanti has been struck several times before: Not just in 2000 (which resulted in an oil spill), but also in 1989 and 1991.

  2. Thanks Ivan for this additional information. Oh dear. That's not good, so many strikes.



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